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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! I am Lori Schlueting, the principal of Mother St. Bride School. As we prepare for the new school year, please read the following passage, while keeping in mind, our teachers are dedicated to providing these opportunities each and every day.

Once there was a boy who wanted to learn how to play baseball. He said to his coach, “I want to learn how to swing a bat better so I can get on base.” The coach practised endlessly with him for weeks, and now it was finally game day. The boy went up to the plate hoping to hit and get on base for the first time. The pitcher winds up and throws the ball, and swish, the ball passes the plate, but the boy doesn't swing. The umpire calls it a strike and you can see the frustration on the boy’s face as he turns around and looks at the umpire. The second pitch comes, and the boy doesn’t swing again and it again is called a strike. The boy turns and looks at the umpire and says something to him, blaming the umpire that he doesn’t get on base. Giving some encouragement, the umpire says, “Keep your eye on the ball.” The third pitch comes. The boy doesn’t swing for the third time, and it again is called a strike. The boy throws down the bat and stomps back to the dugout. The entire time the boy is blaming the umpire. The coach then says to him, “You need to swing the bat to get on base. You can’t blame others if you are not going to take the chance and swing. You got this! You can do this! You need to believe in yourself! Let’s break this down...”

As in the story, our staff at Mother St. Bride School will ensure that our students will take chances and foster your child’s growth spiritually, emotionally, academically, and physically. We will set goals and coach your child to meet them. We want to inspire your child and support them to investigate, create, discuss, and reflect on their learning.  

As we continue our focus on student achievement and well-being, we look forward to collaborating with parents/guardians, our Parish, and the broader community, to support the overall growth of our students. We encourage a team approach and believe in ongoing communication, as such, we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or wish to make contributions to our School community (for example: volunteering (library, field trips, breakfast program etc. and/or being a part of the parent Catholic School Advisory Council).

We look forward to working with you throughout the many community events during the school year! Let’s all do our part to make this another successful year of learning and growing together!

Yours in Education,

Lori Schlueting

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