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Our Staff

Principal  Tony D’Agostino
Secretary  Anna Marie Rothwell

Mother St. Bride Catholic School Staff List


Regular Classroom

Mrs. Doucette- ELKP (JK-SK)

Mrs. Urso-Wallace- gr.1/2

Mrs. Conlon- gr. 3/4

Ms. Andrusiek- gr. 4/5

Mrs. Pigeau- gr. 6/7

Mr. Macleod- gr. 7

Mrs. McGirr- gr. 8                                                                                                   


Mr. Michaud- Primary-Junior: JK- gr. 5 classes

Special Education

TBD- gr. 7-8 LSC

Mr. Michaud- Resource Teacher (gr. 6-8) 

Conklin, Susan- gr. 4-6 LSC/ Resource Teacher (JK-5)                                                                                       

-Core French-

Madame Stevens                                                                                                                    

-Native as a Second Language-

Mr. Fisher                                                                                                                                             

-Grade 7/8- Specialty Subjects-

Mrs. Curran- Family Studies

Mrs. Denomme- Music

Mr. Zimbalatti- Design and Technology                                                                     


-Educational Assistants- 

 Mrs. Glass; Ms.Holiday; Ms. Lapointe; Ms. Poitras; Mrs. Vigna                                                                            


Mr. Mantha; Ms. Mantha     



~ School Info ~

  • Principal: Tony D’Agostino
  • Vice Principal: N/A
  • Secretary: Anna Marie Rothwell
  • Grades: JK–Gr. 8
  • School Hours: 8:50 a.m.–3:10 p.m.

~ Board News ~

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Learn about the new NPSC Concussion Management Protocol!(Posted:10/19/2015)

At NPSC, we are committed to providing a safe environment that promotes the overall well-being of students and takes steps to reduce the risk of injury.  Our protocol is in alignment with Ministry of Education expectations and is centered on increasing awareness for all students, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers and health care practitioners to support the timely and proper management of concussions. Learn more here:

Policy - Concussion Management Protocol

Video - Dr. Mike Evans & Concussions